When problems appear, solutions must be born. Solutions that sometimes seem so distant as possible that we probably will not mind. But unlike our imagination, they are completely available and are waiting to use them!

They can also solve our other problems; solve problems that we did not think of, or perhaps we were accustomed to being!
For posterity, it would be strange that in the past, how much was the cost and time spent on repetitive and programmable tasks, device control, regular monitoring, and even record of human events and information. Of course, it will be sweet for us if we experience life in the future sooner than the rest!

Sensors are the nervous system of your farm.  We have integrated a huge range of sensors to monitor tanks, measure soil moisture content, check if pumps are actually running, plus more.

A common myth is that setting up a ‘telecommunications network’ is a really difficult thing to do. It is actually as simple as buying a Smart Elements Base Station and turning it on to connect up to 200 Nodes.


Great hardware is not much use if it doesn’t give you the data you need.  Smart Elements devices all report back to the internet to give you easy access to your data via a simple online dashboard or powerful APIs.

How it works


Buy a Base Station and turn it on.



Download The Application and login.



Scan The Qr code in your box and start.